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We believe that with the right principles, purpose and experience, horses and riders can achieve greater things together than they ever can apart. Who we are and what we do is a product of that belief.

Our example of a perfect partnership between horse and rider is represented by the versatility of the Ranch Horse - calm, smart, brave, and athletic whether he’s out on the job or in the show pen.

As a team, we are committed to help you gain the skills you need to achieve the goals you dream of with your horse. We specialize in helping horse and riders, improve their skills to solve problems and gain experience.  In college, Trevor needed help with a horse but could not find anyone that could work with his horse to correct the problem.  We Carter Ranch Horse because we did not want anyone else to be without such a resource.

Our programs include a selection of Video Lessons, Video Coaching, Tools, Experiences, Colt Starting, Horse Development, and a few select horses for sale.  In addition to these programs we will develop custom opportunities to fit your specific needs.

We trust you will find our dedication to your success unparalleled, and the purposeful learning experiences we provide to be one of a kind.

We look forward to riding with you.

Trevor and Tara

About Trevor

Trevor CarterGrowing up in Texas, my parents supplied me with all the stick horses I could ride, but it wasn’t until my senior year of High School that I bought my first real horse.

I studied equine science in college but it wasn't until I watched a clinic with Ray Hunt that I realized there was much more to training than what was being taught in my classes.

In order to become the best horseman I possibly could, I made an effort to learn directly from the legends, such as Ray Hunt, Ronnie Willis, Jack Brainard, and Walter Zettl. I've also studied with, worked for, and started colts alongside other great horsemen, including Pat Parelli, Craig Johnson, Martin Black, Darren Simpkins, and Buck Brannaman. These experiences have been invaluable. As I’ve grown in my own horsemanship, I’ve been able to share my knowledge with others who are looking to better themselves for their horses. I've logged many miles developing horses for various ranches and teaching classes around the world.

I love most to be working, roping, and branding cattle in addition to developing and showing bridle horses. I am honored to have participated in the Horsemen’s Re-Union and to have helped start and develop several colts that have competed in the NCHA Futurity finals.

In 2014 I began competing as a Road to the Horse Wild Card, and in 2015, won the event with my horse Sailor.  This allowed me an opportunity to step into a round pen at the World Championship of Colt Starting.  I competed along side Chris Cox and Jim Anderson - both of whom are previous champions from the event.  I learned a great deal from this event and enjoyed demonstrating the principles my mentors have shared with me, all while showing the style of horsemanship that has become uniquely my own.

I continue to start and develop horses for a variety of purposes, especially Ranch Horse Performance and Reined Cow-Horse. We travel as a family sharing what we know and seeking the next level of excellence for ourselves, our horses, and dedicated students.

From time to time I share what we are up to on my own Facebook page:
Follow me at Facebook.com/TrevorCarter.Horseman.

About Tara

I have been passionate about horses since I was a little girl. I was in the saddle by the age of two and grew up showing 4-H and AQHA in both western and english disciplines.

Camping, trail riding in the mountains with my family, and gathering cattle on different ranches is what I loved most. When I was eighteen, my Dad came home with my dream horse and I began the process of developing him from start to finish, but simply needed to know more.

I wanted to learn from a horseman, someone who knew a horse inside out, and who could teach me with the perspective of putting the horse first.

Back then, I didn’t know the words to describe the difference between foundation and specialization, I just knew I wanted to develop a true Ranch Horse. Every Ranch Horse would take care of me whether we were sorting cattle, climbing trails, or riding in parades and show arenas. I wanted my horse to be solid, because then we could to anything together.

It was my Dad who had a major influence in my horsemanship. His approach ultimately led me to ride with great horsemen like Pat Parelli, Jack Brainard, Walter Zettl, and Darren Simpkins.

Along the way, I met another great horseman, and my best friend - Trevor. What I have learned from Trevor helped me to achieve my dream of roping and branding cattle with a horse I had developed on my own. Now, I have more loops to build.

Seven years later, we have two sons and are traveling as a family, competing in Ranch and Reined Cow-Horse events, building our own place, and sharing what we know with dedicated students. We are always seeking the next level of excellence for ourselves, and for the horse. My focus is simply to be the best that I can possibly be with horses and to provide the kind of support that empowers students to be able to do the same in any arena they choose.

Trevor and Tara Carter and family

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