Our Approach

We believe the ‘start’ is just as important as the ‘finish’.

With the right approach, a horse can accomplish a great deal in a short period of time, and with a solid foundation, he can become a true partner in anything we ask of him.

Of course, the rider has a great responsibility in this as well and we do everything we can to help both horses and owners be successful together.

Our colt start and horse development programs are designed for horses that need to be started under saddle and for those that need further development.  

1.  Ground

Catching, Leading, Tying, Trailer Loading, Tarps, Obstacles, Feet Handling, Saddling. These skills are simple, but the better a horse does them every day, the better he will do everything else.

2.  Riding

A good foundation is key for a horse to have success in any direction.  Walking, trotting, loping, stopping, backing, and turning with softness and effort.  Experience and purpose.

3.  Performance

We specialize in developing an all around horse and compete primarily in reined cowhorse, ranch versatility, roping, trail, and dressage.

4.  Education

The rider’s development is just as important as the horse’s.  At the end of every training period, we spend time with you and your horse to set you up for success and recommend a Plan 4 Progress



Our next available openings to send your horse for training begins November 30th.  Please contact us for more information. 


We are already booking for 2016.  Please contact us to learn more about reserving a space for your horse.

Train your horse in 4 minutes or less

Training a horse takes time, but improving the quality of some simple, everyday habits can make all the difference in the world.

Sign up for our sample Plan 4 Progress and we’ll send you 4 weekly exercises to improve your horsemanship both on the ground and in the saddle.

These video lessons will show you techniques we use every day to help our horses have a solid and versatile foundation.

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