Not only can Cowhammer cut and hold a cow with the best of them, he commands attention in the reining too.

According to the NRCHA Rule Book, "a reined work must consist of the following: circles, lead changes and runs terminating in well-balanced stops straight to the line of travel, turns, and a back-up of a reasonable distance.

The best reined horse shall be easily guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistance. Credit shall be given for the smoothness, finesse, attitude, quick-ness, and authority of performing various maneuvers while using controlled speed which raises the difficulty level and makes the more more exciting and pleasing to watch."

Check out this video of Cowhammer's 223 run at the NRCHA Stallion Stakes, which took him to the lead of the Intermediate and Limited Open and 8th in the Open at the 2020 event!