Incentive Challenge Full Details

What's Included in the Incentive Challenge?

Video Lessons and Challenge Series x 4

Better Boxing

Lead Changes



+ Video Coached Competition Run

+ Live Q&A Training Sessions

+ 32 Challenge Completion Giveaways & more!



$550/year or $150/quarter

Before 2021:

$495/year or $130/quarter

Sign up with a friend and save $100 each!

  • Better Boxing
  • Added prizes and money for 2021 World Show Division
  • +12 Months Subscription
  • Added prizes and money to all Affiliate Year End Awards/Events
  • $50 Donation to Fellowship
  • Added prizes and money at 2022 Event
  • +12 Months Membership
  • Added prizes and money for year end awards.
  • 2021 Membership
  • Added prizes and money for year end awards.
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    Just email us the details.

    Select your affiliate upon registration:

    "Had lots of fun working on very import fundamentals. Was very glad to be able to participate on my 3 year old. Very relevant information without being too complicated. Really enjoyed Trevor’s explanations, straight forward and easy to understand. The videography was also top notch."

    — Brooke M.
    "Thank you so much for offering this as it is really has helped me move forward with my girl! As always, your examples and instruction are fantastic! When is the next round?! ;)"

    — Erin F.
    "Very challenging and a lot of fun! Thank you for putting this me what I need to work on."

    — Tim F.
    "So I must say I really thought I had figured out how to ride my new horse and had shown successfully down the fence, but this challenge showed me just how much my guide was broken, I still used my reins too much and did not trust my feet and my focus. These drills helped so much with relaxation and trust I feel like I have a different horse! Thank you!"

    — Lynne F.

    Your very own Plan 4 Progress to achieve your goals and be rewarded along the way!


    Our incentivized program is made up of a series of lessons, challenges, and experience that are designed to help you and your horse make progress.


    Already competing in an association?

    Looking for a community to connect with?


    The Incentive Challenge will help you get started and go further!

    Ready to make progress?


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    Lead Changes with Western Horseman

    Watch the complementary lesson Trevor put together for his "Relaxing Lead Changes" article in Western Horseman!

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