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What is Plan 4 Progress?

A series of self-paced lessons and challenges designed to help you integrate horsemanship toward an end goal.

What is the Incentive Challenge?

A year long program that progresses you toward versatility in performance, with payouts for progress not perfection.

What are the Payouts?

Payouts in your division, at the final event of any affiliate association.

See list of affiliates below.

What are the topics covered?

Better Boxing
Don’t have regular access to cows? That’s ok, this challenge series is designed to help you be prepared for great cow work, and know what to look for when it’s time to put it to the test.
Lead Changes
This challenge series focuses on developing a solid foundation for lead changes so you and your horse can stay relaxed when you do them in practice, and in the show pen.
This challenge series gives you exercises to build into your regular routine so the only thing that’s being drilled is the desired pivot foot!
Obstacles provide an excellent opportunity to solidify the partnership with your horse. This challenge series is about taking that communication to a higher level.

"Had lots of fun working on very import fundamentals. Was very glad to be able to participate on my 3 year old. Very relevant information without being too complicated. Really enjoyed Trevor’s explanations, straight forward and easy to understand. The videography was also top notch."

— Brooke M.
"Thank you so much for offering this as it is really has helped me move forward with my girl! As always, your examples and instruction are fantastic! When is the next round?! ;)"

— Erin F.
"Very challenging and a lot of fun! Thank you for putting this me what I need to work on."

— Tim F.
"I really enjoyed the challenge! The weekly drawings were super motivating and fun. The platform was very user friendly and the progress tracking was great. I liked the little surveys/self assessments. I also appreciated that I could submit the video no matter where I was at in the process...didn’t have to be perfect (we have a long way to go). The video coaching was helpful and inspiring. I hope this continues. "

— Katie C.
"So I must say I really thought I had figured out how to ride my new horse and had shown successfully down the fence, but this challenge showed me just how much my guide was broken, I still used my reins too much and did not trust my feet and my focus. These drills helped so much with relaxation and trust I feel like I have a different horse! Thank you!"

— Lynne F.

How do I join?

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Have a friend who wants to participate in the challenge with you?

Special pricing when you sign up with a partner!

What do I get when I join?

  • Your yearly membership to the affiliate association of your choice is included and paid for!
  • A percentage of your money follows you all the way to the pay out in your division at the year end event with the Plan 4 Progress Incentive Benefit
  • A video coached run from one of your competitions.
  • Immediate access to the horsemanship and training challenges online and through the app
  • Giveaways on every 4th, 14th, and 24th of every month for completing challenge topics 
  • Complete all the challenges to be entered in a drawing at the end of the year to win a Martin Saddle and other great prizes!

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Lead Changes with Western Horseman

Watch the complementary lesson Trevor put together for his "Relaxing Lead Changes" article in Western Horseman!

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